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The Conversation Starter Pack

It can sometimes be difficult to have conversations with your kids about their emotions, but as their parent or caregiver it’s important to check in with them often. This Conversation Starter Pack (CSP) can help you open up a conversation with your kids, and get in the habit of having regular conversations about what they’re thinking and feeling even when you aren’t using these cards as a guide.

The CSP is designed to give you the space and tools to connect with your kid(s) and spark meaningful conversations about emotional wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing is an awareness of understanding and acceptance of our feelings. It’s our ability to manage challenges and change. We hope this pack can help to educate and empower your children to speak openly, and break down the stigmas surrounding conversations of emotional wellness.
*Expert tip: If you really want to set the vibe, play our exclusive Sound it Out album while using the CSP.*

What's Included

  • List of reflection questions: This is for parents/caregivers, specifically. These are to encourage your own healing + help you mentally and emotionally prepare for conversations with your kids. Please review and reflect on these questions before starting the game with the young people in your life. 
  • Questions for parents/caregivers + kids: Some questions explore deeper conversation topics for when you want to discuss things like racism + depression while other questions spark lighthearted, organic conversation between you and your children. Feel free to jump around between questions and topics in any order you’d like.


Q: What is the CSP?

A: The Conversation Starter Pack (CSP) is an interactive resource, available in both English and Spanish, that supports parents, caregivers, trusted adults and young people in discussions about emotional wellness. It includes reflection questions, dialogue prompts and activities everyone can take part in.

Q: Who should use the CSP?

A: The CSP is designed for parents/caregivers to use together with their middle school aged kids, however these resources and prompts may be helpful for people of all ages.

Q: Do we have to answer the questions in the order they appear?

A: No, you are welcome to swipe through the digital deck and pick cards at random. That includes mixing in the open ended questions, the written activities and the quick fire questions. The deck is split into categories so if you want to play in the order the cards appear, you can do that too!

Q: How do we use the Feelings cards?

A: As you move through the Conversation Starter Pack, you can use the feelings cards to help you identify the types of emotions that may come up during the game or after the game. They can also be utilized for daily check-ins between parents/caregivers and young people.

Q: Can I get a physical version of the CSP?

A: At this time the game is only available in digital format, however we hope to make a physical version available in the future.

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