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What do friendships mean for your kid?

Friendships are a crucial part of growing up. It's important to encourage your kid to connect with their peers, create friendships, and have healthy relationships with others but even more important to help them appreciate that they should go for quality, not quantity, in their friendships. Having one or two solid, reliable friendships will likely provide more support than aiming to be popular or trying to maintain a broad social group.

On the flipside, when kids are bullied or harassed at school, they might find it difficult to relate to their peers. It's important to notice your kid's behaviors around others, and help guide them to engage with others in healthy ways. We can assess the quality of our friendships by focusing on what our friends bring out in us. Do we feel comfortable, supported, and happy in the presence of our friends? If not, it’s probably time to think through those relationships.

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